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Police Federal Credit Union

Congratulations, you have taken the first step to exploring how your membership can help you go green and save some green on your utilities.

Please note: the option to choose Viridian as your energy provider may not yet available in some geographies.

The process to switch is simple:

  • Have a copy of your current utility bill(s) handy
  • Click the link below, and on the Police FCU-Viridian page, simply enter your zip code in the upper right hand corner of the page and hit enter. By this method, your geographic eligibility will be determined.
  • Under the Account Class option, select, “Residential” from the drop down – your utility options will also be determined.
  • You will have the opportunity to review and select plan options, then continue to follow the registrations prompts


Click to get more information and to get started... 

Viridian News Updates:

Current Viridian prices compared to the utilities are as follows:

Natural Gas Prices:                         Monthly Variable Rates
MD – Washington Gas        Utility .6029 cents        Viridian .5426 cents
MD – BGE                              Utility .6816 cents        Viridian .6134 cents
DC – Washington Gas        Utility .6900 cents        Viridian .6211 cents
VA – Washington Gas          Utility .6600 cents        Viridian .5940 cents
VA – Columbia Gas              Utility .5855 cents        Viridian .5269 cents
Utility rate per therm, Viridian rate per ccf therm

Electricity Rates on the 6 month contract (Per Kilowatt Hour)
MD – BGE                              Utility 10.43 cents        Viridian 8.49 cents
MD – Pepco                           Utility 9.41 cents          Viridian 8.49 cents
DC – Pepco DC                    Utility 9.64 cents          Viridian 8.49 cents; monthly rate 7.90 cents
VA – Viridian is not available

Historical Avg. Monthly Savings on Utility Costs = 10.00%


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